River and Keanu

River and Keanu

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"Actually I met Keanu through my ex-girlfriend Martha [Plimpton] while they were doing Parenthood -- they were sucking face regularly. My brother Joaquin, otherwise known as Leaf, was also in it. So Leaf and Martha were his buddies before I was even a friend of his. Then I met up with him on I Love You to Death. And I liked the guy. I wanted to work with him. He's like my older brother. But shorter."
                                                                                                River Phoenix
"We were doing I Love You to Death, and we both got the Idaho script. We were driving in a car on Santa Monica Boulevard, probably on the way to a club, and were talking really fast about the whole idea. We were excited. It could have been like bad dream -- a dream that never follows through because no one commits, but we just forced ourselves into it. We said, "O.K., I'll do it if you do it. I won't do it if you don't." We shook hands. That was ...

2016-05-31 16:32:09

:( they were such great friends it’s not fair

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